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We Overpay For Your Gold

Do you really know what your gold jewelry in worth?

We care as much as you do that's why Buffalo Gold King thoroughly explains the real value of your valuables in an easy to understand way insuring you will always get the most cash for your unwanted gold jewelry.

Our professional buyers will let you know if any of your items are worth more than the melt value of your gold (example: Antique, Historical or Heirloom type jewelry).

We do the homework to get you the most cash.

No other gold buyer does it better then Buffalo Gold King. Buffalo Gold King is committed to the highest levels of integrity and unparalleled customer service. When you enter our store you will be treated in a courteous and friendly manner Next one of our certified gold specialists will professionally sort all of your jewelry by karat weight. Our gold specialists have over 50 years of gold buying experience between them.

We test your gold and weigh it on NYS certified scales.

When our gold specialists are done sorting your unwanted jewelry they will precisely test your items using the latest electronic and scientific testing methods.

After thoroughly testing all your scrap gold jewelry our gold specialists will weigh your items on NY State certified scales insuring you the most accurate karat weight for your gold.

We then quote you the highest price in Western New York for your unwanted gold jewelry which will be based on the purity and karat weight of your gold items.

The price we pay you will be determined by the international spot price of gold at the time you sell your unwanted jewelry.

We guarantee to beat any of our competitors written offers by 50% of the difference!

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We Weigh and Test It Right
We Pay It Right
"Trust Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry To Buffalo Gold King"
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buffalo Gold King has purchased Gold, Platinum,Silver and Diamonds from over 10 thousand satisfied customers in the Buffalo, NY area since 1977.

Rediscover honesty and integrity when you visit our safe and secure location and sell your unwanted gold jewelry for more cash to Buffalo Gold King.

We Always Deal You A Winning Hand For Your Gold!

We Always Deal You A Winning Hand For Your Gold
5 Star Payouts Guaranteed
We Over Pay For Your Gold

5 Star Payouts Guaranteed
Why Get Less If It's Worth More?


Sell your gold in Buffalo, NY for more cash.
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